In a crazy world

Idag var det klass foto. En av årets nervösaste dagar med andra ord. Dock känns det som att det gick ganska så bra faktiskt, för en gångs skull.
Men nu ska jag sätta mig och göra alla mina förbaskade läxor, dom är inte få och små dom, TYVÄRR!

Hey! Transtlate Here of you can´t understand Swedish.
But remember: Sometimes the translate dosen´t just get right. But I hope you will understand.
If you don´t, ASK ME!

Postat av: maja.

åh vilken underbar klänning. var kommer den ifrån?

2009-09-28 @ 17:40:56
Postat av: alison

oh my gosh, i love your dress. it's so beautiful and i'm expecting a great pair of shoes with it (?)


i'm portuguese and here we don't have that class photo. i don't even know what it is LOL

but i have an ideia from what i'd seen in movies.

homeworks suck so badly.

i loved your style and i found your blog in photo look, that website which i don't know the name.


2009-09-28 @ 20:25:39
Postat av: Hanna

Jag älskar din stil, I wan't it! Helt sjukt att du är 95:a! Det hade jag aldrig trott om jag såg dig på stan! :D

2009-09-28 @ 21:30:56
Postat av: alison

oh, that sounds so funny. do you like your class?

(hi, although my blog's name is alison, my real name is carolina but you can call me carol, and you? hahaha).

i love your style. how do you consider it: vintage?

2009-09-28 @ 22:41:58
Postat av: Justina

Hey! I am writing for NYChic, a fashion magazine published by the Fashion Business Association of New York University. I am currently working on an article titled "Global Pedestrians", which is about how the popularity of street style blogs have opened our eyes to the different street styles across the globe. I saw the photo on your last post on and I'm wondering if you could grant me the permission to use that photo for the magazine. If you wanna read the article or want more information, I'd gladly give it to you. Just email me. And as we need the photos for our October issues, please reply asap. Thanks a lot=)!

2009-09-29 @ 00:19:08
Postat av: suzannah

oh i really adore your dress, it is so pretty ♥

2009-09-29 @ 17:07:24

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